About Chip

I have been developing software since 1989. I started with dBase and ANSI “C”. I soon jumped on Visual Basic 1.0 and have been working with the Microsoft stack for the most part ever since. Like many, I suffered through the original Active Server Pages and Visual InterDev. I was quite a bit happier when c#/ dot Net and Visual Studio came to be.

My focus for the last decade has been integration, collaboration, and bringing it all together into an enterprise web portal. This allowed (Forced) me to branch out into other technical realms such as Java, Linux, and multiplatform systems architecture. All centered on the browser as a delivery platform.

During this entire time I was thinking how awesome it would be to deliver enterprise content and collaboration and dashboards to mobile devices. So much fragmentation to deal with, writing native apps to support multiple platforms would be a nightmare of coding logistics.

However, in 2010, disaster struck. It came in the form of a non-malignant brain tumor. Unfortunately, it required several surgeries.  All healed up now, it seems. I am definitely ready to get back on track with things. Ok everyone who knows me is inserting jokes about “Crazy Train” I am sure.

I began a startup named Mobivant. Mobivant’s focus was to develop a C#/MVC based mobile framework to assist developers in creating WEB based mobile apps that look and feel like native apps. I Built the framework, had some awesome, code then got distracted by a great company.

I joined a company named ShiftWizard. ShiftWizard is a Saas company the provides workforce management tools to healthcare organizations. I get to stick my nose in so many cool things. But most of all I am allowed a large degree of control over the development process and the technologies that we use. It is a dream job for me.

One of the greatest things as a developer (at least in my mind) is to write code that people actually use on a daily basis and appreciate. Knowing that your choices affect thousands of people is both Scary and Exhilarating.


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