Exciting Times

I attended a local college in the fall of 1987 with the full intention of continuing on to receive a BS in Comp Sci. As luck would have it I fell in with a group of tech geeks who were doing some interesting things with PCs.  Unfortunately, I spent more time writing bleeding edge code than doing the punch card/COBOL work that the school was trying have me learn. While attending a job fair and talking shop, I received an offer with a salary that was higher than I would have made had I completed college and gone into the world of COBOL. So much to my parents’ chagrin, I promptly ran away to seek my fortune in the wilds of the upstart PC industry.

I have always been fortunate and could stay on the leading edge of technology for most of my career. I got into windows development right before it became hot. I started doing Visual Basic back when there was a VB for both Windows AND DOS. Managed to hook up with web development back when a site MIGHT have one crappy image on it and flashing text. Portal technology (Plumtree) became my next thing which morphed into collaboration and enterprise content management. I was lucky enough to work with a beta of SharePoint long before it became what it did.

Over the years of developing software, I become language and OS agnostic. I have written software in both.NET (c#) PHP and Java. I use both Windows 10 and Linux (OSX when needed for iOS) as development platforms. I am very comfortable with Windows server and can be trusted with root on Linux. I like SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL) and Hadoop. I can’t say I like Oracle, but I can write some nice code in PL/SQL.

I am now, for the most part, focused on the world of .NET. But my how that has expanded. Never thought we would see Linux, Hadoop, NodeJS, Angular, Git, Android and iOS development become part of the MS world. And now Mircosoft is embracing open source !! these are very exciting times, and I am very happy to be around to experience them.