It’s not what you think!

Some people new to the gym don’t like that feeling when they first get to the gym and have to walk through it. It feels like all eyes are on you and judging.

I remember that feeling well a few years ago. I had been out of the gym for quite a while due to medical issues and was horribly out of shape. It was even worse for me because I knew what I was before.

But as time went on it took me longer and longer to get to the back of the gym. It starts slow.. the fist bumps from the guys you worked in with before. To over time greeting friends and seeing how people are healing from an injury they incurred.

Now as I walk through the gym, I do know that people are watching. I see the nods of approval in recognition of the changes in my body. I see the fresh faces that have started coming to the gym for the first time because they want to change their lives.

Then when I am working out, I see a new person walk into the gym. Yes, my friends and I are watching you. But we are watching you with approval because you made it here.

Welcome to the club. You got this!

Thanks to Mel Burgess for prompting me to write this with a post he made! Please feel free to share this. I want people to know that they are not alone in their struggle.

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