Visio 2010 Database Diagram Forward Engineering

Last Wednesday at our local TRINUG meeting, I was complaining about the fact that Visio no longer could generate the SQL to create a Database from a database diagram. Sure you can reverse engineer one. But the creation of a database from a diagram has been left out since version 2003. I mean why provide the tools to diagram a database if you can’t do anything productive with it?

Well I guess I should have looked a bit harder.

There is a project on Codeplex called forward engineer. . It will generate the SQL to create tables and databases from your Visio Diagram.

This rocks, thanks guys !

One thought on “Visio 2010 Database Diagram Forward Engineering

  1. Chip I plan to be at TRINUG Wed 6/13, but I know almost nothing about MVC. I do know ASP.NET/C#.
    Do you have anything you can direct me to that I could read so I can follow what you’re doing better during the presentation?
    (preferably 2hrs of reading or less 🙂

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